What is Self-care?

Self-care is all about you the way you treat yourself, the way you think about yourself, and knowing what you are. We care about what others think about ourselves regardless of not thinking or caring about our own and not getting to know what we need and what we don’t. 

Self-care can help one individual improve himself, keep him in good shape, and always make him a better person than who he was yesterday. One always needs to focus on himself/herself so that one can have his goals and move forward in his/her life.

Why is Self-care needed?

It is just one of the important aspects of one’s life. One needs to take care of himself so that he or she can always be in good health and can focus on important things in his/her life.  One thing we should never forget is giving priority to ourselves first.

 Most people give priority to others first especially in relationships one cannot love others unless he learns to love himself first. That is what self-care is all about if you do not care about yourself what is the point of caring for other people like this who do not care about themselves instead of caring about other people will always end up being sad and also lonely. This is why self-care is needed.

How can one self-care about himself/herself?

The answer is pretty simple for this question not caring what other people think about you and you start doing what you want, need, and doing what you love. Always remember if you start caring about your life, your career then you develop a very strong mindset that cannot be broken down by people in this society. 

You should start by knowing what you love and what you want to do. Here knowing what you love doesn’t mean that I am talking about another person or person you love I mean trying to understand and love what you want to do in your life such as becoming a boxer, learning skills such as programming, loving to be what you want. That is what I meant. 

The age of 18-30 is one of the most important aspects for a person. This is where you start facing problems, overcoming adversities, knowing that people around you are always temporary. When you understand this kind of thing you will automatically start taking care of yourself.

How much self-care is required?

Taking care of yourself is good I can say best but till what point? This is also one of the important things because we might face situations in life where we need to compromise so that others can stay comfortable with us.  Some people self-care them too much that they start behaving like they are the only humans living on this earth.

 Look self-care can lead to a good life. But anything we have in this life should be limited it can be anything it can be alcohol, it can be money it can food it can be anything. Doing anything too much will lead to problems. You should always know when to stop something and always understand that some things are limited to a point. In the same way, self-care is limited. If you self-care too much you will become selfish. 

This also things which can make us fool and fail at the same time. We should always understand that we are here living people around us in house, in office, in college, in school, so we should always not forget that self-caring too much is not good at all.

Can self-care lead to a happy life?

Yes, it can when you start searching for happiness in your life, not in others. And you should not even say that other people’s happiness like your partner, your parents, your friends,  is your happiness. No this is where people are mistaken. You should always find what makes you happy is it sports or entertainment or whatever it can be. 

Knowing what makes you happy try to achieve that happiness and be happy. There are things I want to say something before that, you can find happiness from entertainment but that is something that can also lead to a life of problems if you cannot focus on your career/business which can help in earning money.

 Because we all know money is important all things in life point to different things in life but there will be always one thing in common that is money. So you need to have money to have a happy life I am not saying that money is the only thing that brings you happiness it is one of the important things that bring happiness.

 I don’t want to say all those motivational lines from movies or those books of great authors. Whatever you do in life there are things which you need to do for family, which we call responsibilities full filling those responsibilities will also bring happiness in life. 

So many things in life make you happy. Out of things we discussed we understand that all other things which make us happy can make us happy for a temporary time but self-care will always make your life happy there is no temporary for this one. You can be happy all your life but self-caring

That is one of the greatest things about self-care.

How self-care is bringing the world the best of you?

 It can bring in any manner. Successful people around us not who came by working hard or helping others they became successful by doing what they love and doing it to an extent where people around the world has agreed that he is best at doing that thing. If you want to be the best at something you need to love what want you best at that is the first rule of success. I am not here to talk rules I am just saying doing what you love can lead to things that make you the best at it while you doing those.

Once you are best at that thing that you love you are automatically shown to the world that you are good at it. That can only happen you start loving what you want to be best at and want to show the world that you are best at it. If you want to be the best at it you need to learn how self-care about yourself because that is how you become good at it and you show the world that you are best at it.

How to self-care?

We have discussed the things about self-care but how do self-care about ourselves? Is it start loving ourselves? If that is how can we love ourselves? You can love others by having feelings about them? But you cannot have feelings for yourself?  Yes, you do.

I can tell how. I am no great guy with big experience but I believe that you can learn some good ethics from small things. It all starts waking up early. Self-care does not mean doing only what you love there are some things that we do not like but we need to do just for the good of ourselves. 

For example, we like watching Netflix shows, eating pizzas, and stuff like yeah, those things make us happy but they also make us fat which is not good for our health, and also they us not do any work as we keep gaining interest in watching Netflix shows right? This is where you need to stop doing these things so that you can take care of yourself and start working on your goals. Having goals also come under self-care. You need to work hard to be the best in something you love. 

To be best there is only one way that is working hard. So having proper nutrition and having life goals will come under self-care. So before you understand that what love to do is self-care also understand what you need to do even though you don’t like it just for the sake of your good. Always remember one who wakes up early can have time to do what he wants or what he loves. There are many things about how to self-care yourself These are some of the things on how to self-care about yourself.

Is self-care all you need in your life?

No. It is not all you need there are even other things you need to have in life like family, love, money, etc. But having other things other than self-care is of no use. You may have other things or not but you need to have self-care every time in your life others are also needed but self-care is just because that is what brings you other things.

 Also, remember that you cannot have everything in your life because that is what life is all about you learn many things. When you start caring about yourself you will learn how much it is important to self-care to do what we want in our life. When you fail at something you will learn lessons about how it cannot be done and you can find another way to do it.

That is what life is all about when you learn something you can earn something.



There are things in human life that can be able to understand when one is ready to learn things in peace. Things like understanding the world, knowing how to behave in society can be understood if you have peace in your mind especially when you try to understand the world. Why do I need to understand the world?

 If you want to give the world the best of you, you should understand the world because knowing what the world wants is how you can give the best out of it. This happens when you understand the world, to understand the world first you need peace, how does peace occur in one’s mind? Simple self-care.

 You need meditation to have peace and meditation is one of the self-caring processes which help you find peace and understand the world. When you understand the world your body enlightens to the point where you will understand what the world wants and in what manner.

Self-care cannot help you. Self-care about one can help the world to bring peace.