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The Main Goal

MY-SELF SOLUTION is an art of treating yourself.I strongly feel the readers of this blog are alone fighting with their minor mental health issues such as depression,anxiety,etc.

          "Self Help is Best Help"

The best way to treat yourself is by following the 3F rule

1.Find the real problem in you

2.Find the solution in our blog

3.Find the improvement


1.Find the real problem in you

It is difficult, but talking about mental health problem is really important.

 We think people who’ve experienced it know best, so we’re passionate about peer support – connecting those who have been through mental health issue 

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we’re working hard to get that message out there.We’re a Social Enterprise which means that we’re dedicated to creating positive social change. 

2.Find the solution in our blog

 You can read our blogs or follow our recommended tips inorder to treat yourself

We also feel communicating your problems with us help us to solve your problem easily.

Here are our strategic priorities:

1.Increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues

2.Guide every reader of us to solve their problem themself

3.Develop a friendly community from different parts of the world to communicate

4.Collaborate with partners to facilitate learning and innovation

5.Strengthen revenue streams to create a more planned and sustainable future

3.Find the improvement

After getting help from our blog I am sure you are going to find improvement in you.

Once you are done kindly let us know in the comment section.Your comment gives us a positive boost.

 If you have any problems and suggestions for this website then you can contact me by using the following contact details.


Email: myselfsolution0@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myself_solution

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About Me



I'm passionate about connecting people with other people who have shared similar experiences but also in raising awareness and understanding of mental health. I truly believe that starting conversations or treating yourself not only empowers and educates, but it changes your life


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